EtherFi Expedites Roadmap, Will Launch Token In Coming Days


Binance announces ETHFI Launchpool farming as EtherFi’s first points campaign wraps up.

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EtherFi, the leading liquid restaking protocol, has moved its token generation one month ahead of schedule, with Binance announcing plans to list the token on March 18.

On March 12, Binance announced that the ETHFI token would become the first 49th project onboarded to its Launchpool platform.

The campaign will distribute 2% of the ETHFI token’s maximum supply to users who stake either Binance’s BNB token or the FDUSD stablecoin over four days starting March 14. BNB stakers will receive 80% of available tokens, with 20% going to FDUSD stakers.

Binance will then list the ETHFI token on its main exchange from March 18, initially hosting pairings against USDT, FDUSD, BTC, BNB, and TRY. Binance said 11.52% of ETHFI’s supply will circulate at the time of listing.