Starknet Faces Backlash Over Airdrop and Team Unlocks


StarkWare CEO says the team remains committed to making Starknet “the rails for the global economy.”

Ethereum scaling solution Starknet is being widely panned on social media after releasing the airdrop allocations of STRK tokens on Feb. 14.

One possible reason for the backlash is a popular airdrop-checking tool called Wenser, which aims to help users qualify for airdrops by analyzing their on-chain activity. Based on previously ‘leaked’ criteria, many users thought they would be eligible to claim STRK, but that turned out not to be the case once the official portal went live.

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“We went from literally everyone on the timeline getting 5 figure STRK airdrops to absolutely no one at all rip,” wrote prolific NFT collector dingaling.

Naturally, many took to X to vent their frustrations.