MakerDAO Founder Says Having “Rando’s” Participate in Governance Makes DAOs Unpredictable


Rune Christensen was called out for adding USDe as collateral for MakerDAO.

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Imagine a world where the co-founder of one of the largest decentralized autonomous organizations says it’s actually not that great to have community members participate in the governance of said DAO.

Imagine no longer.

MakerDAO founder Rune Christensen said, “having ‘rando’s’ making decisions,” is as unpredictable as having a centralized group control governance. He added that, “it’s not important who or how a decision is made,” but “what decision is made.”

Christensen made the statement in an X Space hosted by Ethena Labs, responding to Marc Zeller, founder of the Aavechan Initiative. Zeller had confronted Christensen by saying, “there’s no discussion anymore,” referring to MakerDAO governance.