Bitcoin Stamps Seek To Improve On Ordinals


While being four times more expensive to mint than Ordinals, SRC-20 tokens live on Bitcoin’s UTXO set, making them unprunable.

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Move over Ordinals, a new token standard is in town.

Born out of the decade-old Counterparty Protocol, known for Rare Pepes and other on-chain art, Bitcoin Stamps, also called SRC-20 tokens, are a new type of digital collectible to land on the most valuable crypto network.

They live on Bitcoin’s UTXO set – Unspent Transaction Output, the residual amount of satoshis that a Bitcoin transaction leaves behind – which, according to their founder, makes them highly valuable for the network.

“The point of Stamps is to offer a method of encoding on-chain art that is highly resilient to tampering and goes a step further than Ordinals by being unprunable,” said Stamps co-founder Mike In Space.